Texas Art Depot is Selling Our Wagon

Our Antique Wagon must be sold to make room for more merchandise.
You will have to Pickup in Palestine, Texas. We cannot ship this wagon.
The 40 Cases of Wine and the Dog are not included in the deal.

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Walt Disney Art Prints and Canvas
Disney Art Prints & Canvas

Our Own Winery

Music of the Spheres Windchimes

 Flag Frames & Display Cases by Spartacraft
Flag Frames &
Display Cases

Wine Caddies, Metal Wine Bottle Holders, Business Card Holders and Metal Art
Wine Caddies

Our Current Top 40 Selling Artists
 Jesse Barnes Lee Bogle
Carl Brenders
Tom Browning
Darrell Bush
June Carey
Rod Chase
James Christensen Simon Combes
John Cowan
 Tim Cox
 Brian Davis
John Dearman
 Larry Dyke
 Stephen Fishwick
 Ragan Gennusa
 Bruce Greene
Martin Grelle  George Hallmark
Steve Hanks
 G. Harvey
Paul James Mark Keathley Thomas Kinkade
Mort Kunstler
Z.S. Liang
Stephen Lyman
Frank McCarthy
Chris Owen
Phillip Philbeck
William S. Phillips
Terry Redlin
 James Seward
 Daniel Smith
 John Paul Strain
 Howard Terpning  Jack Terry
Andy Thomas
Morgan Weistling Charles H. White