Sherry Vintson Biography Continued:

...The colors of a feather or a broken shell can be the underlying inspiration for several seemingly unrelated paintings.   Every aspect of life relates in some way to my art."

Sherry Vintson enjoyed a barefoot childhood in a quiet Florida Gulf Coast fishing village and the expression of a peaceful natural life has become a central theme in her art.  A self-taught artist, she has been drawing since her fingers were long enough to wrap around a pencil.  She has had two careers in art--the first was twenty years as a successful freelance illustrator.  The second career began with a leap of faith into the world of fine art.

Today, galleries and collectible boutiques offer her artwork and collectibles worldwide.  Sherry is a native Floridian and currently resides in St. Petersburg, Florida. She enjoyed living in many different regions-- high in the Rocky Mountains, creekside in an Appalachian valley, and in large metropolitin areas, but she always seems to recycle back through to the seaside world.  Sherry's special interest in painting wildlife is nourished by the shorebirds and marine life behind her waterside studio, and by frequent photographic safaris to gather reference materials for future paintings.

Sherry's fine art prints and originals are collected by art lovers worldwide.  Her images are also available on tiles, puzzles, greeting cards, needlework kits, tins, clocks & watches, wearables, afghans and other collectibles.

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