Thornton Utz Biography Continued:

...portraiture, sculpture, stained glass and architecture as well. Utz saw the nude, however, as an endless challenge. His paintings, reminiscent of Degas' coloration and Renoir's brushwork, are proof of his artistic triumphs.

Utz studied at the American Academy of Arts in Chicago and later taught at the Art Institute of Chicago. After teaching, he spent several years as a commercial artist and illustrator. His assignments were seen in most leading American magazines and in many European ones as well. His illustration credits also include 50 commissions for Saturday Evening Post. Eventually, Utz dedicated himself full time to working in the fine arts, which for him included portraiture and sculpture.

"Forced," Utz claims, into portraiture by a client who demanded a painting of a child, Utz painted such luminaries as the Brazilian ambassador, the family and President Carter of the United States and the late Princess Grace of Monaco.

"Drawing and painting the nude is a classic, endless challenge," Utz said. "For subject matter I prefer a model to perform an action or a chore she would naturally and normally do alone, such as bathing, fixing her nails and so forth. In my paintings I want to express a respect for the particular young woman portrayed and for women in general."

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