Dave Chapple Biography Continued:

...You may not know that, as a former taxidermist, he has acquired a knowledge of bird anatomy that few artists can match. Dave is also a specimen collector fo the Santa Barbara Musemn of Natural History. His beautiflly detailed work presents each subject with an exciting sensitivity that reflects a thorough understanding of its life.

     He lives and works in Orange County, California, where he creates sculpture and artwork for private collections, public art, corporate art, and special interest groups.

     In 1970, Dave started his professional career as an artist while still playing football with the Los Angeles Rams. His retirement from football in 1975 enabled him to turn his attention full time to his many artistic pursuits.
     Among Dave's pinnacle works is the life-sized bronze memorial to Florence Griffith-Joyner (Flo Jo) at the Florence Joyner Olympiad Park in Mission Viejo, California.

     Dave's bronze sculpture commissions are diverse and include corporate symbols such as a centaur for Chiron Corp. and eagle statues for Foremost Insurance and Claremont College, a seven foot peacock for the City of Arcadia, California, and life-sized bronze figures of prominent benefactors, philanthropists, and celebrities. Dave's range of art commissions have included numerous wildlife and landscape paintings and golf course art such as featured on ABC television's Jack Nicklaus' Favorite Holes, Fred Couples, The U.S. Open and numerous golf courses.

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