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G. Harvey

Gerald Harvey Jones, better known as G. Harvey, is a renowned impressionist whose art is highly collectible and coveted in the art scene. G. Harvey paintings are part of some of the most prestigious collections, from American Presidents to the very best museums. At TexasArtDepot.com, we carry a large assortment of G. Harvey prints and G. Harvey paintings that are an absolute must for any art lover. Gerald Harvey Jones is considered one of the greats and a leader of late twentieth century American art.

At Texas Art Depot, we carry hand numbered and limited edition G. Harvey prints that are perfect for any art lover’s personal gallery or collection. Depicting the beauty of the United States in its purest form is the subject of most G. Harvey paintings, and the attention to detail and skill of Gerald Harvey Jones makes these G. Harvey prints highly collectible and extremely coveted. From a winter’s evening in old Boston, to cowhands on a western plain, Gerald Harvey Jones captures the complexity and beauty of our natural surroundings. If you’re looking for the best collection of G. Harvey prints, look no further than TexasArtDepot.com.

Neighborly Visit by G. Harvey
Neighborly Visit
History in the Making by G. Harvey
History in the Making
Breaking of Spring by G. Harvey
Breaking of Spring

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